Artsy Commute

It’s dark when I leave for the bus stop. I’m always early, a holdover from my childhood when we were chronically late.

The bus arrives and I step on, hand the ticket to the driver and head to the back. Like most, I have earbuds in, listening to music so I don’t feel the need to interact with anyone.

The dark outside combines with the lit interior and causes the windows at eye level to reflect back the images of my fellow passengers. We can all keep an eye on the other without being caught doing so.

This is not the case for the upper windows. I look up and out of them. Snippets of our collective ride to work fly by: tree tops, now bare from the season; freeway signs (it’s the express), street lights, the underside of an overpass as we exit. Then come the buildings as we make it into downtown.  The rapid change in light, dark and shadows of the government buildings, combined with the guitar solo of today’s personal soundtrack of Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain”, play like a lead in to a cop drama or an episode to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Without the food or drink.

My own snarky voiceover is developing a blogpost just three or four stops ahead of where I need to depart. How artsy it’ll be. Like a hundred thousand other videos already on various social media.

Years earlier, it was a similar scenario. I would ride my bike to the light rail station downtown and ride to the nearest stop to my office. Much earlier in the morning but the same dark. Same observation of passengers in the reflection. Making up stories about them and the outside scenery.

I didn’t have a blog then and wasn’t writing anything down. Or taking photos/video to post. It was all in my head.

Until now.