I'm a man, artist, yogi, cyclist, husband, father, brother, uncle, friend, human. The order changes daily. 

My Story

I'm a product of the Boomer age but not stuck in that generation. I spent my working life in government and finally broke free from that environment in the form of retirement.

I grew up in Sacramento, California, spending most of my years there with a brief stay in the Los Angeles area. In this next chapter of my life, I've moved to Palm Desert, California.

Follow me as I offer my observation on life, my surroundings and travel to other places in my home country, Europe and the Far East.

I'm a life-long bicyclist, observer of the absurd, lover of mid-century modern design, fashion, music and art. I've been practicing yoga on and off since my late 40's but more seriously for the last 5 years.  At first for physical well-being and then for the rest of the benefits it enables.

Participating in yoga teacher training required a blog to write about the experience. I began my blog on another site but it's grown to be much more. I became more open. To new ideas. To other people. To pursue my art again after a 40 year "rest". And to finally pursue interests that lay dormant for most of my life.